Wednesday, May 2, 2007

How much is too much / How Many is too many

If you have been working in a development environment that is bringing you down, how long have you been there? Better yet - if you have been working with a tool that is holding you back from getting things done faster how long have you been using it? Do you complain about the environment or the tool?

So just how many people does it take to screw in that light bulb? How many people collectively complaining about the same tool or process does it take before people take notice and attempt to change or remove the problems and obstacles?

Here is what I figure:
When the collective drag produced by utilizing a process or tool is SOOO great that you end up having to work around the work arounds just to get something done, it is time to give some serious consideration to changing the way you do things or the tools you use. Do not let it fester, if you do let it fester you too are to blame for the processes/tools continued existence.

Do yourself and others a favor speak up when you see these things [bad processes/tooling], louder, ... LOUDER - make your voice heard. Help you and your fellow developers out of the RUT and put a stop to bad process/tooling. Take a stand against the idea that if it was NIH its no good. Allow your processes and tools to support light weight ideas, and have a small impacts on your day. Allow those things to assist your efforts to get things done fast and in an efficient manner without repeating your self (DRY). After all this is why coders use IDEs right? They make things easier, right? if they didn't why use them? Take the democratic path - PROTEST bad process/tooling in earnest. BE THE CATALYST FOR CHANGE.
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