Friday, July 27, 2007

What I Learn(ed) from Others

WARNING: Generally off topic for a bit of praise

In my career as a programmer I have attempted to learn as much as I can from my mentors and my peers. I have learned a great deal from the people that I have worked with, things like:

1) Don't rely on a debugger, log what you need when you think you'll need it. This will treat you a great deal better then the debugger.

2) DSLs can be an important thing to think about when presented with certain types of problems.

3) Java script can be fun and informative if you use the 'right' tools.

4) Always question and be curious - it will serve you well in your travels

and finally

5) Don't burn the bridges that you build, it will come back to haunt you.

All in all I think that I have come a long long long way from where I started out in the work world. Also I think that I have a great deal of thanks to be paid to people that have helped me along the way. Which brings me to why I decided to make this post... one of the people that I have been working with, someone who has taught me a lot both in working with him as well as reading his blog postings has decided to move on and find himself a new position.

Raganwald has been a great mentor and colleague and has brought a great deal to the table for me but has decided to move on. I am personally sad that I will not get to interact with him on a semi-regular basis in the work world anymore. I have learned so much - and certainly feel that he has more to offer. He thinks out of the box - aiming to simplify and make programmers lives easier. At the same time that thinking is about solving the problems presented in a novel and efficient way. I wish him the best of luck in his travels - I hope that he knows he will be missed.
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