Friday, December 7, 2007

Crazy is as Crazy Does - Joy in the job

You're a programmer, do you find joy in what you do or have you become Numb due to your employers "...wilful ignorance of software development principles..."? I think that Johnathan Dodds hit it on the head when he said

"I haven’t gone numb. I have passion and a sense of professionalism that’s independent of any company’s performance review.

Someone once told me that every workplace is crazy; the trick is to find a place that matches your kind of crazy."

So ask yourself, are you working for a company that is ok with your type of crazy? Better yet does your company SUPPORT your type of crazy such that it is not passed off or passed by but given the creedance that both you and the company feel is appropriate?

If not, why are you still working for them - start looking for a better fit - don't go numb, step up and step out and be both happy and proud of the things that you do. Find the job that fits your type of crazy, one in which you can let your hair down far enough that the company knows who you are and you understand the company. Don't let the work a day world turn you into a dull, numb, mindless programmer. Be passionate, be crazy - Suggest the outlandish and have the desire to follow it through to implementation. BE PASSIONATE about programming if it is your job. You should expect to be nothing less.
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