Monday, March 23, 2009

Superfluous Features


"Before going on I should like to explain why I may have objections to "superfluous features". Suppose that a machine contains a certain feature and that I can show, for instance, that it is impossible to use it intelligently or that its use gives rise to undesirable programming conventions; suppose furthermore that the defender of the design agrees to my objections but defends the feature by pointing out that, if I do not like the feature, I do not need to use it, implying that no harm can be done by something "extra". In that stage of the discussion I shall stress that the design would have been better without the feature under discussion. If it is impossible to use it intelligently every effort to do so is spoilt and the programmer would have been better off without it. If its use gives rise to undesirable programming conventions, also in that case the programmer had better ignore the feature completely."

I wrote a post a while back on some things being overly complicated in which I was talking about some new features being introduced into the java language. I think the above quote rather proves my point. If by adding a new feature you are claiming that only a select few people would be capable of using it and those who don't know how or wouldn't use it - Shouldn't, then you are adding something that should be considered superfluous. If the feature is impossible to use well or as intended - Why have it at all?
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