Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Bob Update

Bob is now home from the hospital and is doing ok. Home care has been arranged for both Mona and Bob so that they have the needed support, at least in the short term for what is going on. There has been a hospital bed and an o2 machine delivered to the home and they are getting visits from the home care people on a regular basis to check up on Bob.

Bob is taking an appetite stimulant in an attempt to get him to eat more (it amounts to refined THC, the chemical in pot)... insert interesting munchies joke here. His intake of food and fluids however is still woefully slight. He is also been taken off the lasiks now that he has been released from the hospital. There is a good chance as well due to his insanely low blood pressure that they are going to remove the need to take his blood pressure medication as well. Which in all honesty is a good thing, one less pill to think about and one less chemical to float around in there. He remains on Plavix to help his circulation. His circulation is also poor and requires him to keep the house a little on the warm side (because he is consistently cold). Mo worked with him to help him layer clothing, etc. to help keep him warmer in his extremities.

This is prob. the last of the significant updates for now unless something bizarre happens or he worsens significantly.

Thank you ALL for your wonderful support, the checkins, the contact and well wishes. It was felt more by myself then it was for mo (as the calls generally came here to the house in NJ) but I will make sure to pass along all the well wishes to her.

People I would never have expected to send their care and good energies have done so in the past two weeks or so. It has been, enlightening and eye opening to me to see that. Thank you all for helping this family with support from yours.

Blessed Be,
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