Thursday, November 20, 2014

A world of change

There are about a gazillion reasons we can come up with, all of which sound logical and justifiable, to avoid change. The #1 reason change gets avoided? People would prefer not to deal with a necessary change until they absolutely have to. As long as life is basically functioning, most people are happy to just not stir the pot. Everyone grows slightly complacent and they settle into a routine which they can wrap around themselves like a warm blanket. I am as guilty of this as the next person. I find ways to focus on work, focus on side projects, focus on anything other than those big blinky, claxon-y, signals that are trying to tell me to break from my routine and pay attention. The world is an interesting place - it is difficult to have the presence of mind and body to focus. If I am the only thing I have control over in the world however (which is true of everyone) then it is 100% up to me to break the trend, remove the blanket and attempt to change, hopefully for the better and hopefully in as much truth and honesty as I can muster.

Thank you world, forever grateful.
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