Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Change, not just the silver in your pocket

Change is not just the silver coinage in your pocket. Change is all about how you react to the world around you. We live in an ever-changing world, always moving, sometimes forward and sometimes back - but ALWAYS moving. Some people seem to thrive on this ever-changing environment eager not only to keep up but also to change along with the world - to learn, to grow, to expand with the world and its many MANY changes. Why is this so important?

Change is something that seems to happen with or without people involved. The world is spinning and things are changing without any effort from me right now at this very instant. This is important to note in terms of people because there seems to be a class of folk who stick too closely to the way things are 'Right now'. This class of people becomes mired in thinking about how things are rather then how things could be. They easily get caught up in the current and in some respects due to that are missing the boat so to speak. They are missing the boat because this group of people seems to always cling to the past and to a routine without accepting or at least acknowledging a modicum of change in their day-to-day, month to month, year-to-year life. What is the draw back to thinking like this - to being someone who doesn't look or acknowledge change? The draw back is the rigidity that it brings to a personality. The inability to accept new things, new people and new processes is the draw back.

I have long thought that being on this planet is all about learning and expanding my personality as well as my spirituality. I see an inability of people to accept change as not acknowledging a level of lifetime learning. I look at it as being 'stuck' with an almost 100% inability to move forward. Now I know that some people are saying that it is hard enough just to live in the 'now' or to live in the moment. Granted the world is moving much faster these days and things are operating at a much quicker pace now then they were just 10 years ago. I get that and I certainly feel that same way. I do not believe however that this gives people a free pass to stand still and not grow and learn as things change. Living "in the moment" means a little more then just being present - it means walking away from the moment with something more then when it started. It means accepting some small change or large change that occurred as a result of that singular moment. Do not let yourself fall into a rut - Strive to make your world what you want it to be. If you already accept change easily then put energy into education, learning - and expanding. Help people embrace change rather then fear it. If you are one of the people that gets stuck then try to strive to listen - there is probably someone who does not fear the change trying to help you to move forward and expand your knowledge. There is probably someone standing next to you right now with their hand outstretched inviting you a hand out of your rut.
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