Tuesday, January 2, 2007

My way or the high way

It really has just been one of those days. In my previous post I did a bit of ranting about why companies always have to pick the hard way to do things. This time around I thought I would attempt to address one of the things that really gets on my nerves, the "I am the boss so you'll do what I say" syndrome as I like to call it.

This topic has come up for me a few times in my career so far and it seems that in my current position at "Big Company" I will be experiencing it more and more. The syndrome usually involves your boss or your bosses boss and works something like this:

1) A pet project of the 'boss' has been created
2) This pet project is not part of the current development line(s)
3) The 'boss' makes a request to get this pet project in 'Right away'
4) This 'right away' flies in the face of reason
5) This 'right away' forces other things out of the way.

The reason that I think these types of things are especially bad is for the 'flies in the face of reason' of #4 stated above. In my current case it is a pet project of the 'boss' that has not been tested or reviewed and the boss would like this change implemented in a very short time frame. Why does this bug me so much? Well, "Big Companies" like to tout that they are secure and that they have process (as in my previous post) and that the software that is developed at "Big Company" is of the tippy top quality. However, when pet projects come up all of these procedures and policies and so on seem to go right out the window. In the end this means that the software is of a lower quality because changes are rushed in, they are not reviewed and vetted properly and as such also have a high probabilty of having some security issues and other bugs (even more so when you speak about doing web development). The other reason that this "I'm the boss so you will do what I say" thing bothers me so much is personal.

When I was growing up I came to believe that the saying that I should "Respect My elders" was bunk not because the thought itself is bunk but more because of the way most of my "Elders" said it. They all seemed to say this line as if I should respect my "Elders" because they are old. I patently disagree with the statement when stated in this way. I, rather, agree with the statement when it is taken to mean that I should respect the knowledge that my "elders" have due to their being on the planet longer. I additionally treat this not as a given but something that you have to prove to me that you have. This is why it has always bothered me to hear people in positions of power say "You should do this thing A because I said you should", or "Jump THIS High because I am your Boss." Both of these statements do nothing to solidify my belief that they know what they are doing but rather does more to solidify that they are absolute morons that got where they are not by being bright - but by being ruthless and nasty and always getting their way because they can.

So - like my previous post, why does it have to be "My way or the high way", in my personal experience the adage "You catch more flies with honey" is more applicable. Choosing to work in the system as defined and to work WITH your employees to make decisions is more beneficial to both their growth, your leadership as a boss - and the "Big Company" as a whole.
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